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SNOVAE CVS server : How to access it ?

  • 1) How to open your your CVS account on the snovae cvs server :
    To have a full access to the snovae CVS server, you need to send a RSA public key to P.A and to configure your preferred unix account.
    The easiest way to perform these operations is to get the script and do :
    > chmod +x       
    > ./ -i 
    You may have to wait 24h to have your cvs account activated after this command. It is a good idea to put this script in your unix path for its future usage.

    Remark : You can get this script from this page, or do from your computer :
    > wget ""

  • 2) How to access the files in the snovae CVS server
    - There is at the moment more than one area (=CVSROOT) with different user restriction access. The first thing to do is to select a given CVSROOT. For example to work in the SNFactory area , you should do :
     > eval ` SNFactory` 
    Remark : be careful to use the correct quoting : ` ` and not ' '

    - You can also browse ( but not write in ) the content of the snovae CVS server directly from the web , examples :

  • 3) Anonymous access with Read only right to the snovae CVS server
    - To install software in central area under generic account you can use the anonymous acces to cvs. The first thing to do is to initialize the access (once for ever) :
     > -a -i -l xxxx 
    with "xxxx" = the anonymous User ID ( ask it to P.A).
    Then to get, for example, the full snfactory online software do :
    > eval ` -a SNFactory`
    > cvs checkout Online 

  • 4) For more details
    - on cvs have a look to the cvs documentation
    - on , do
     > -h 
    for example , this will tell you how to configure more than one of your unix accounts to work under this cvs server.

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